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Phone: 862-258-3353
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Because We Care

We care about the environment and provide only eco-friendly cleaning products for your facility.

We choose products labeled bio-degradable and environmentally safe because we strongly believe it our responsibility to help preserve and improve the environment. We are commited to using the green methods and to preserve natural resources.

Amer-A-Clean only uses products with the Enviro-conscious symbols to offer a safer, healthier way to clean.

We have listed a few of the cleaning agents we provide to keep your environment safer.

  • Chlorox: Green Works
  • Chlorine Free Bleach
  • Natural Clay Based
  • Hyper-Oxide Cleaner
  • Green Options Stripper
  • Pure-Green 24
  • Enviro Products
  • Shadazzle cleaner
  • Green works
  • Zuri products
  • Phosphate-free
  • Simply Green
  • Aspire X-Wax

Peace of Mind

Amer-A-Clean recognizes the danger when people misuse or expose themselves improperly to disinfectants, cleansers and other harsh chemicals. Safety is always a priority for us.

Amer-A-Clean is committed to providing a safe, healthy work place for our clients. We will respect your business as if it was our own. Our employees are thoroughly trained in safety procedures and accident prevention.

We are OSHA compliant and our staff is trained in protection procedures. Our chosen product lines are clearly marked for safety purposes.

We take all necessary precautions to protect your investment, because we care about our clients.

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